Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Wedding Season

This summer has been a blur. I have been in and attended more weddings than I can count! It has been busy and fun all at the same time. But with weddings come unique venues to spy on! One of my favorites was this past weekend in Campus Martius Park. Jeanette Pierce, co-founder of Inside Detroit, had the very first wedding in the downtown city park. It was fabulous. I can not believe how alive and beautiful the whole day turned out.

It started with the ceremony in the park. Being right in the heart of the city was magnificent. It was perfect for Jeanette and Richard. After the ceremony we made our way to Pulse a nice bar in Detroit for a cocktail while we waited for the reception. The reception was in the atrium at the Compuware Building. It was a great place to mingle and taste the fan fare of the city!

Afterwards dancing and drinks were back out in Campus Martius park. The whole experience was great! If you are thinking about an outdoor wedding be sure to check out Campus Martius as a location.

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